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Chocolate Kiss Maker by Larry Lerew 9 x 12" Ink, Watercolor, Watercolor Paper, Original, Machine "Chocolate Kiss Maker" by Larry Lerew 9" x 12" Ink, Watercolor Watercolor Paper Original 160107 Unframed Machines are interesting and usually logical until an artist takes a look at one. This chocolate kiss maker at the museum was fun to draw with all its wheels, belts, chains and levers. The Chocolate Kiss Maker is a sweet machine we enjoyed in Hershey, PA. | chocolate kiss maker | confectionery | industrial food manufacturer |

Have anything lying around the office or home that you think could be cool as a lamp? My coworker had us turn her jelly belly machine into a lamp 💡

Vintage 1950's Baby Grand Penny Candy Machine Excited to share this item from my shop: Vintage 1950's Baby Grand Penny Candy Machine

[New] The 10 Best Home Decor Ideas Today (with Pictures) - Nel negozio di Sommariva Bosco. Nuovi arrivi!

[New] The 10 Best Home Decor (with Pictures) - Rótulo da Pringles no tema Bita e osDinossauros Arraste para o lado

Did someone say Check out this found at one of our Quad Cities stores. You never know what treasures you'll find at