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Wishing Alex a very very very happy happy birthday! Pray that you stay blessed and healthy.. lots of love 🤗😍 .

Piping rainbows all day 🌈Layers of rich chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream, covered in full technicolour. Cute happy dino cake topper by @anroldesigns 🦕 ...

This one was chocolate sponge cake with velvet vanilla buttercream and dark chocolate drip with chocolate overload

When you believe in your dream and vision, then it begins to attract its own resources. No one was born to be a failure. Happy weekend lovelies.

This classic yellow cake with fudge frosting is like taking a page out of your childhood. The cake is rich, tender and delicate, then it's topped with a ton of creamy fudge frosting. Add sprinkles for fun!

💩you’re old! 50th birthday cake Chocolate cake/vanilla buttercream and chocolate cupcakes/chocolate buttercream

It’s a chocolate lovers dream 😍 • A triple chocolate layered birthday cake; Dark, milk and white chocolate covered with dark, milk and white chocolate buttercream. Decorated with a chocolate drip and topped with Ferrero Rocher. • Inspiration @janespatisserie Cake Topper @caykeco •

Gorgeous cake for a gorgeous 18th birthday girl today. Under the ombre icing and dash of sprinkles is four layers of chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream. Even added a sneaky surprise of chocolate chunks. . . . . . .

Absolutely obsessed with this pink beauty that went out for a 19th birthday 🥰 Pink and white themed decorated with Vanilla buttercream raspberries & strawberries and accents of 24K gold 👑Rich and moist chocolate sponge with a decadent chocolate buttercream 🤤💗 -