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Don’t talk to me until I finish my second coffee. 🙈☕️☕️ • [Second coffee print] • Visit us on Etsy: ~>.uk/shop/CartsyFartsy • Pridi na obisk: ~>rtsy- •

Happy Sunday, everybody 🤙🏻 ———————————————————————————

Drip by drip, every two seconds, no matter how long it takes... always have the best for you! Just becoz......#coffee

It‘s coffeetime: Frische Waffeln, selbstgemachtes Birnenkompott (Birnen aus eigenem Garten), natürlich mit Sähe, dazu feiner aus der

Day 15 of the -Coffee. I’m a tea drinker so here’s my husband’s mug that he uses for his coffee ☕️ 😁. This was in the personalised seconds at the factory a few years ago emmabridgewaterfan

- ..#_ ______________________#tripoli

Dobrego dnia 🤩☕ Życzę Wam dużo słoneczka. ☀️ U mnie szykuje się miły dzień. A jak u Was? ☺ _____________________________________________

Have a wonderful blessed Friday all my loves : : : : : : : :follow @mystylemyhomemydecor : : : : : :

Our favourite time of the day? Coffee o'clock! Anyone else need their routine coffee break?