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Da jeg har fået anskaffet mig en slem streptokok infektion der har spredt sig fra hals til min kæbe har jeg ikke den store lyst til mad eller energi. Men Nora og René skal selvfølgelig stadig have mad så lavede en ordentlig portion kylling lasagne med spinat, røde bønner og majs. Der skal nok være til et par dage 🤒🍽️🧀🐔. . . .

Follow us at instagram @supercookofficialnewzealand Happiness is homemade. You do not need a fork to eat good food. Recipes of day CREAMY PESTO PASTA WITH CHICKEN AND BACON have fun and enjoy eating happily!

Booster Protein Cream 🥜🥜 Guilt free pleasure 😍 Have you already tried it out?! ;) @mistrzyni_makro

@slimmingworld meatfeast pasta for tea. Then after a bowl of speed fruit topped with Muller light yogurt (forgot to take pictures) but the was alot of berries.

Yo!! I feel like I should dive right into this plate. This is definitely swoon worthy @modernafricankitchen 🤜 😍 Let me go and look for what I can eat for dinner at this point😫.

Bei wem sieht es diesen Sommer genauso aus? • .⠀⁠ .⠀⁠ .⠀⁠ .⠀⁠ .⠀⁠ .⠀⁠

'Gotcha' pork roast, aka mashed potatoes, onion, and mushrooms wrapped in bacon. A classic from / . . .

Inspired by North Africa, this quick and easy one-skillet meal draws the warmth of cumin and rich depth of smoked paprika to beautifully layer with the nutty earthiness of the lentils. chickenlentil

Time for a nice Ribeye 🥩🔥 _ Messer von @fiskars_de Schneidbrett von @cuttworxs Fleisch von @ Finisher Salz von @ Gegrillt auf @ottowildegrillers _

🥩🔥 Sizzle Time 🔥🥩 _ Crust is king 👑 In crust we trust 😇 _ _ _ @foodyfetish @grill_lovers1 @bbqoficial @thatfoodfeed @grillhunters @bbqclick @grillnation @steakvideos @tion @bbq.experts @grillinfools

Hier noch das Ergebnis vom Wokn Roll _ Maishähnchenstreifen mit Paprika, Zucchini, Zwiebeln, Poree und Champignons Hähnchen gewürzt mit Fried Chicken von @ankerkrautspice Der Frischkäse wurde mit der Wunderwürze Viva Mexico von @ gewürzt _ _

Najwyższej jakości składniki, czerpanie inspiracji z tradycyjnej kuchni i nieoczywiste połączenia smaków – wszystko to sprawia, że w naszej restauracji weźmiecie w prawdziwej uczcie dla podniebienia.

First sneak peek of the before and after pantry that we did for @hunterpremo. Blog post coming soon, until then follow @premohome for lots of home updates.