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Need a vegan frosting? This vegan chocolate frosting is super easy and only requires three ingredients! That's right just three ingredients! I even explain to you how to make this chocolate frosting paleo.

Need a vegan frosting? This vegan chocolate frosting is super easy and just requires three ingredients! You can easily make this chocolate frosting paleo.

Need a vegan frosting? This vegan chocolate frosting is super easy and just requires three ingredients! You can easily make this chocolate frosting paleo. Use it to top a delicious and healthy homemade cake!

Paleo Pancakes Homemade paleo pancakes. Fluffiest pancakes of your life! These healthy almond flour pancakes are life-changing. You won't believe these pancakes are gluten free and paleo, they are so good and light and fluffy. Easiest paleo pancake recipe.

Rich Chocoate Vegan Frosting Vegan Chocolate Frosting/ I didn't pin the picture with the frosting on a spoon because it looks like dog poo!

Easy Chocolate Cake Easy Chocolate Cake recipe with step-by-step photos

Have you ever tried chia puddings and found them to be lumpy or a bit slimy? Not this one! This chocolate chia pudding is a simple no-cook recipe that is smooth and creamy. Just mix all of the ingredients in the blender and chill! The result is a simple, vegan, paleo and healthy chocolate chia pudding.

Vegan Double Chocolate Banana Muffins Vegan double chocolate banana muffin

Orange Creamsicle Jello This Orange Creamsicle Jello Mold has a mousse-like texture, so delicious, and super easy using only a few pantry staples. Perfect for a Sunday brunch or all summer long! Less

Paleo & Vegan Cherry Garcia Ice Cream This healthy and decadent Vegan & Paleo Cherry Garcia Ice Cream does not disappoint, and it's guaranteed to cool you down in the sweltering heat! #nicecream via @whatgreatgrandmaate

Vegan Gingerbread Cupcakes Vegan Gingerbread Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Gingerbread Frosting!

Keto Avocado Chocolate Pudding Healthy Low Carb Keto Avocado Chocolate Mousse Pudding Recipe. This healthy dessert recipe is sugar free and gluten free!

These easy vegan no-bake peanut butter pies are made a little healthier with the help of bananas, coconut milk and maple syrup. There is even a paleo option. Come try these easy no-bake mini peanut butter pies. You will love them!

Gluten Free English Muffins in a Minute - Keto Paleo Miss bread with breakfast? It only takes a couple minutes to make gluten free English muffins in a minute. And they are low carb, keto, and paleo friendly! // breakfast low carb // easy low carb breakfast // breakfast paleo // paleo breakfast easy // paleo breakfast quick // breakfast keto // keto breakfast ideas //

Paleo Hostess-Style Cupcakes These Paleo Hostess=Style Cupcakes taste like the real thing! So delicious and fun to make!

Vegan and paleo chocolate chia pudding that is super simple to put together. Literally just throw this no-cook pudding in the blender, whip it up and chill it in the fridge! It is truly better than any no-cook store bought box pudding.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Vegan Chocolate Mousse with Aquafaba

Would you like to know how to make strawberry jam? You just need to boil a few ingredients together that you probably already have in your kitchen. This easy to make strawberry jam is low in sugar and can be naturally sweetened. This naturally paleo and vegan jam is much healthier for you than the store-bought version!

Salted Caramel Ice Cream (AIP, Paleo, Dairy Free) salted caramel ice cream - aip, paleo, vegan, dairy free, nut free, top 8 free, [low allergen and anti-inflammatory recipes from rally pure - autoimmune protocol]

Healthy fudgesicles . . . yes please! These paleo and vegan friendly fudgesicles are rich, creamy, chocolatety and oh so good! Once you make this recipe for yourself, you will NEVER buy store bought again!

I was talking to a friend on the phone this past week (I know, the phone!) and we admitted to each other that the holidays can be so busy that somewhere in the logistics we lose sight of, you know, the holiday.

Chocolate Cheesecake This Paleo Nut Free Chocolate Cheesecake is dairy free, but still creamy and delicious! A no-bake treat that doubles up on the chocolate and sure to satisfy that sweet craving. It's gluten free, vegan, and naturally sweetened. | via @realfoodwithjessica