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Creamy Polenta Recipe with Parmesan Cheese - This delicious Italian classic recipe for polenta is incredibly creamy and finished with butter and parmesan cheese for an unbelievable side dish recipe.

It is difficult to believe the depth of flavour in this simple duck ragu, you will be amazed at just how much punch this simple recipe packs with so few ingredients.

Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs gets a vegan makeover with these amazing Italian dried herb infused veggie balls. Made with chickpeas and couscous for amazing texture. These are loaded with flavor and spice and will leave you feeling wonderfully satisfied.

Jeff uses giardiniera in his Italian Beef Sandwich to add a satisfying spicy crunch.

Tomato & caper linguine | Jamie Oliver

Learn how to make biscotti like this double chocolate chunk biscotti recipe. In a mixing bowl prepare dough then stir in the white baking bar and semi sweet chocolate. Divide dough in half and shape into logs then bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Cool for one hour cut slices and bake 8 minutes each side.

24 Old-School Recipes Your Italian Grandma Used to Make dish

Italian Chicken Bake with Vegetables (tomatoes zucchini artichokes)

Amazing lasagna doesnt need to be complicated.

35 Easy Tasty Italian Recipes: Lasagna, Mozzarella, & More! - Karluci

Ricciarelli are dense chewy Italian almond cookies originating in Siena. They are a distant and much less fussy Italian cousin to the French macaron perfect with tea or coffee!

Italian Sausage and Spinach Pie Recipe

Skipping the pasta when you're paleo doesn't mean you have to live without an easy and full-flavored marinara meat sauce that would be perfect for so many ofyour paleo meals!You can use this simple and mouth-watering marinara sauce on so many things! Hot zucchini noodles a paleo lasagna or even poured over a steaming baked potato really it makes the perfect paleo topping for all kinds ofsavory dishes.You know this is the same amazing Italian sauce recipe I've been whipping ...

Jamie Oliver's Lemon Courgette Linguine as seen on Channel 4's Quick & Easy Food uses only 5 ingredients and takes just 15 minutes to create pasta perfection. It's our favourite vegetarian midweek meal at the moment - so quick to prepare after work.

Polpette di pane facilissime e saporite (al sugo e al forno ) Ricetta riciclo

Santolucito's Lasagne; traditional lasagne recipe! | Vintage Recipes | Pinterest | Lasagne My mom and Mom

Ravioli In Just 15 Minutes - Quick and Easy Air Fryer This easy air fryer recipe for Fried Ravioli is the perfect appetizer for your next party or dinner menu. Best of all it takes just 15 minutes. These crispy little treats are packed with flavor and is sure to satisfy a crowd. Make up a batch today with this easy 15

Quick and easy Italian Sausage and Rice Casserole. Cooks in ONE PAN! Smoky chicken sausage juicy bell peppers and brown rice in a tomato sauce. One of our favorite healthy weeknight dinners! Recipe at | @wellplated {gluten free}

How to Make Low-Carb Butternut Squash Lasagna | Silky roasted butternut squash stands in for noodles in this more nutritious take on the starchy pasta casserole.