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Selbstgemachtes Seitan Gyros

Seitan When I first decided to adopt a plant-based diet, I never thought I’d venture into the realm of faux meats. I probably didn’t even know what products like tempeh or seitan were in the beginning, and I’m not even sure if I had ever cooked tofu before. I believe it was through visiting restaurants and... Read More »When I first dec...

Vegan Buffalo Seitan Pizza- I used pre made seitan and lavash bread for a thin c... - Veggie Recipes -

Seitan "Steaks"

Mongolian “better-than-beef.” Seitan is similar in taste and texture to beef, and it’s actually healthy!   #vegan     #healthyfood     #mongolian     #seitan     #cleaneating     #gluten     #foodphotography  

Tried today for the first time with some black bean sauce.. not too impressed i have to say, but glad i finally tried it ☺ . And my darling other half enjoyed some wholewheat pasta . Pulled a lovely little onion from the greenhouse today, a little on the small side but crisp amd delicious 😍 .

First time making grilled seitan, pretty big improvement imo over grilled tofu