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Всё новое - это хорошое забытое старое! У нас появился великолепный, по всем параметрам, напиток!)) Комбуча - это кисло-сладкий, газированный напиток родом из китая, известный у нас как чайный гриб!)) Сейчас у нас есть три вкуса, попробуй их все!!))

So grateful to be able to finish a morning run, walk up to our garden and grab fresh kale to make a smoothie for the family🍎🥭🥬 Thanks to my amazing wife @amandakateweber for growing and maintaining this fantastic garden!

This creamy blend of Multigrain Smoothie needs minimal preparation and is rich in protein, calcium, iron & choline from Barley, Strawberry & bananas. Here's the recipe for you! Buy Organic Baby Cereal – Multi-grain with strawberries, Banana here - /our-products/organic-baby-cereal/ . .


er veltrængt i den dejlige sommervarme#

We’re bringing a little bit of paradise to The Bean this weekend! We are excited to introduce our Paradise Smoothie {strawberry / mango / coconut} ♥️🌴🥥🍓. • • • Grab this refreshing smoothie all weekend long at The Bean. The best part? It’s available starting today! Hurry in and beat the heat {available online too}. • • •

Good morning, today I attempted another smoothie bowl !! I also tried this plant based bacon by lightlife(2 picture)and it’s so delicious 😋

Very simple I do every day. I have eggs with it for many reasons, it's healthy and I want another source of protein than my whey. . . - 400ml of water - about 1/4 cup of almonds - 1/2 cup of oats - 1/2 cup of mixed berries - about 2 cups of spinach - 1 table spoon of chia seeds - greens and collagen - protein, mostly for taste . . That's it.

Purple Sea Moss gel. No heat method as per @yagalifestyle recipe. Get your 5lb, 10lb and 20lb of purple sea moss right here. . . . . . . . . Sea Moss gel. No heat method as per @yagalifestyle recipe. Get your 5lb, 10lb and 20lb of purple sea moss right here. . . . . . . . .

Tried making a smoothie with frozen strawberries, frozen mango, oatmeal, peanuts and milk and it was a success!! I didn't know if peanuts was a good idea but it was!🤤 @nordicwellnessvedala

Had to share my morning @dailyharvest with my littlest smoothie monster. Anyone else feel like the morning is a hurricane of packing backpacks, getting kids up, dressed, out the door, and daycare drop off that when you finally start your work commute you can breath? 🙋‍♀️ Next up catching up on my back log of Ad Age on the train. • • •

Heaven in a cup! Freshly picked wild strawberries and rasberries, banana, kiwi, avocado and some vanilla oat milk.

We are in love with Mango-Acai berry smoothie bowl made by @poemsonmypalms 😍| Acai berry powder by @brutappetit . . . . . . . . . . .

How I’m drooling now that I finished this bowl! Banana- Strawberry- Blueberry- Cocoa with Strawberries and a very delicious Brownie from the new @sakaralife cookbook

❤ Trend gaya hidup sehat sudah mulai membudaya di sebagian masyarakat kita. Dulu orang minum minuman bersoda terlihat keren dan gaya. Tapi saat ini justru minuman sehat seperti Jus, Smoothie, Lassi dan Milkshake lebih diminati. Selain lebih nikmat, minuman ini lebih sehat karena kaya akan vitamin, mineral dan serat. _______

Joshi's POWER-SMOOTHIE 💪😁 Vorsichtig - Scharf ! 1-2g Ingwer 500mg Curcumin Pulver Diese 2 Zutaten erstmal mit kochendem Wasser aufgießen und abkühlen lassen. 1 Zitrone Messerspitze Schwarzen Pfeffer 1 Banane 1 Apfel

man einen Schokoladen-Avocado-Smoothie macht - Smoothies und Gesundheit - ... - Smoothie -