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These soft frosted sugar cookie bars taste just like your favorite sprinkle topped sugar cookies, only they're much easier to make. No rolling or chilling required! Full recipe on:

Sugar Cookie Recipe {Cut Out Cookies} Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe {Cut Out Cookies}Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe {Cut Out Cookies}

This recipe is NO CHILL!! You can roll out your dough and cut out your shapes immediately!

The best soft pumpkin cookies These cookies are perfect for chilly fall evenings at home with a good book and tea, or bringing to a fall party! Guests will love these soft pumpkin cookies.

Play ball! Check out these cute baseball and football cookies for the birthday boy!⚾️ 🏈

Easy Royal Icing Recipe For Sugar Cookies -- this easy royal icing is SO ridiculously simple to make! No egg whites, no meringue powder, just 4 simple ingredients whipped up with a hand or stand mixer. Get to decorating cookies with your kids with less mess and fuss... | royal icing without meringue powder | royal icing cookies | easy royal icing | royal icing directions | how to make royal icing | royal icing with corn syrup |

Fruit Cheesecake Sugar Cookie Cups Fruit Cheesecake Sugar Cookie Cups are a fun twist on the classic sugar cookie recipe! Chewy cookies filled with cheesecake & topped with fresh fruit. Yum!

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Dairy Free Chewy Sugar Cookies These soft and chewy sugar cookies are dairy free and easy to make. They are perfect for the holidays or all year round!

The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe - easy to make, soft, delicious and keeps the shape of the cookie cutter every single time. You family will beg you to make these yummy homemade Sugar Cookies again and again. Pin this super great Sugar Cookie for later and follow us for more great Cookie Recipe ideas.

The Perfect Go To BEST Royal Icing Recipe with meringue powder and cream of tartar. The Perfect Go To BEST Royal Icing Recipe with meringue powder and cream of tartar.

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Classic Sugar Cookies Thick, light-textured Classic Sugar Cookies that are made with shortening instead of butter.

Soft Sugar Cookies Recipe. These soft sugar cookies are a copycat Lofthouse Cookie recipe, but they taste even better!