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Daily diet essential - mermaid juice. One teaspoon organic spirulina, juice of one lime, an old gherkin jar filled with filtered water! •

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How tall is the tomato plant? It was up to our ribs when we started, now nearly at our shoulders 😁🌿🍅

Tips for Packing Plant-Based School Lunches The kids are back to school which mean school lunches need to be packed. Keep your plant-based kids well fed at school with these tips to help make your lunch packing easier.

Some vegan child friendly breakfast treats. Awesome how the kids start to play together and help each other. Whenever we are in our tiny bus they move closer it seems! •_• •_• •_•

Vegan breastfeeding - smoothie bowl. Blueberries, banana, strawberries, coconut, goji berries and raisins! 😋🌱🤱🏻 • • •

The Plant-Based Recipe Cookbook Includes over 100 mouth-watering recipes - yummy Vegan recipes

Elderberry and orange popsicles : It is that time of year where throats get scratchy and noses get stopped up. These popsicles are just the trick! Make elderberry syrup (per directions on the kit or whatever you bought) and squeeze 2-3 fresh oranges. Mix elderberry (to the desired dosage for you or your kids) with orange juice and freeze in popsicle molds. Enjoy when sick or when wanting to fend off illness.

Kai wanted to take a selfie, love this, love my boys, they are growing up like pumpkins 💓💓💓 . . . . .

35 Vegan Recipes for Kids! Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. Lots of easy kid-friendly vegan recipes that your child will love!

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Autumn loaf! I tried out a new way of scoring my loafs and loved the leaf pattern! . . . . .

New event hosted by @westernmasave this Friday night in Come out to have a good time and and chalk with us for the animals!

New event hosted by @westernmasave this Friday night in Come out to have a good time and and chalk with us for the animals!

On a préparé des petits muffins aux framboises pour notre rencontre non sco de cet après midi 😘

Tried our new @kaliwonderglutenfreewraps wraps and very much enjoyed them. They are thin but don’t break, no gummy texture, easy to wrap, and no need to heat! Great for on the go or a quick lunch in between chasing toddlers 😂 . . . . .