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Butternut Squash Casserole with Quinoa This Butternut Squash Casserole with Quinoa is a healthy vegetarian casserole that is perfect for holidays, but easy enough for a weeknight meal. This cheesy baked casserole is comfort food the whole family will love.

"Tastes Like Pizza" Breakfast Hash Doing a Whole30 or Paleo and tired of eggs at breakfast? This vegetable-rich hash was deemed by the KIDS as "tastes like pizza!" You won't be hungry after this unique hash (no white potatoes).

These cheesy spinach stuffed shells are a family favorite! Rock your weeknight dinner routine by making the shells in advance. The leftovers are amazing and can be enjoyed all week long!

Holy Mole Sauce This 20-Minute Holy Mole Sauce celebrates all of the delicious, savory and slightly sweet flavors of traditional Mexican mole. But thanks to a few simple shortcuts, it's made in just a fraction of the time. Perfect for making enchiladas, tacos, nachos, chicken, veggies, roasted poblano peppers...or a thousand other possibilities. Tips included too for how to make this recipe gluten-free. | Gimme Some Oven

This Healthy Mexican Casserole has roasted corn, roasted bell peppers, cheese, enchilada sauce, and corn tortillas. Perfect leftovers for lunches! |

Pepper Veggie Pizza This Veggie Lovers Pizza is really easy to make. I didn't want to over due it with a lot of different vegetables, so I kept it simple with red and green peppers, spinach and mushrooms. Feel free to add as much or as little as you like! via @dudethatcookz

Mushroom-Eggplant Lasagna | In this no-boil vegetarian lasagna silky eggplant and umami-rich cremini mushrooms take the place of meat and serve as delicious foils for three kinds of cheese. Click here for the recipe.

Date Night Mushroom Pasta with Goat Cheese - swimming in a white wine, garlic, and cream sauce. Perfect for a date night in! |

Vegetarian Black Bean Enchiladas This Vegetarian Black Bean Enchiladas recipe is healthy yet incredibly flavorful and satisfying. Best of all it is easy and the leftovers are awesome! | 

How To Make Sunflower Seed Butter This homemade healthy vegan butter recipe is so easy to make you can do it with your eyes closed. This is a great substitute for nut butters and the best allergy free alternative. This step by step video guide shows you how to make this simple recipe, no coconut added. Click to learn more!

Healthy Mezze Platter with Hummus & Lavash What to Use Vegetarian Mezze Platter Appetizer with Hummus, Falafel, Pita Bread, Lavash, Muhamara Dip, Olives and More!

Ready for a juicy, hearty, flavor-packed veggie burger that’s super pretty to boot? These vegan beet burgers bursting with color and flavor, and topped with a balsamic glaze that adds zip and a touch of sweetness. Smother these vegetarian patties with cashew cheese and stuff into buns for a scrumptious meatless meal!

Best Lentil Soup This hearty lentil soup recipe can be as spicy (or not) as you want it to be! With over 500 five-star reviews, this recipe is sure to become your favorite lentil soup!

Menemen might not be a well known dish, but once you give it a try, it will soon be well-loved. It's similar to shakshuka, but this vegetable-packed scramble is worth getting to know in it's own right. Easy, with fresh but comforting flavors, it's perfect any meal of the day.

Mexican Roasted Broccoli Easy and healthy Mexican spiced veggie side dish that takes less than 30 minutes to make! and too! via @tastyeverafter

Recipe: 20+ Amazing Vegetarian Quesadillas | Food - Olip Life | Recipe: 20+ Amazing Vegetarian Quesadillas | Food - Olip Life |

These vegetarian protein sources make it easy to get your protein fill if you're eating a vegetarian or vegan diet or just trying to eat less meat and more plants. Protein is a key nutrient for growing and maintaining muscles and keeping your skin and hair strong and healthy. It also helps keep you full.

Nut-Free Vegan Mac and Cheese An allergen-friendly vegan mac and cheese recipe that is creamy, cheesy, and pretty darn healthy, too! This nut-free vegan mac and cheese is easy to make and requires just a few simple ingredients that you may already have on hand!

Mac and Cheese This Quinoa Mac n Cheese offers all the creamy yumminess of traditional Mac n Cheese with the health benefits of quinoa. A favorite quinoa recipe for kids. via @wendypolisiThis Quinoa Mac n Cheese offers all the creamy yumminess of traditional Mac n Cheese with the health benefits of quinoa. A favorite quinoa recipe for ...

Breakfast Pizza With Granola Crust – A healthy and delicious recipe that’s easy to make with a few simple ingredients: granola, peanut butter, almonds, cinnamon, yogurt, berries and nuts. A perfect, vegetarian breakfast or brunch idea. So yummy! Video recipe. |